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Flint Ink Launches Arrowlith UV Inks for Coldset Web Printing


Flint Ink has launched Arrowlith UV inks, the commercial printing industry’s first UV ink system for color coldset web applications. Arrowlith UV inks offer commercial coldset web printers the ability to print on coated and supercalendared stocks, broadening their existing capabilities and increasing pressroom productivity.

With Arrowlith UV inks, coldset printers can now print full-color, high-volume newspaper inserts, Sunday sections and other projects in-house.
“Arrowlith UV inks enable coldset printers to make full use of existing capacity,” said Norm Harbin, vice president of business and technical development, Flint Ink’s North American news ink division. “Our coldset web customers can now meet demand for high-end printing applications in-house, with faster turnaround times and greater control over the printed product, meeting the expectations of readers and advertisers.”
Printing with Arrowlith UV inks also enhances the quality of traditional coldset printing applications by creating images with sharper colors and higher gloss.
Commercial printers gain the high-end, lustrous look of heatset inks with the production and environmental benefits of UV inks.
The vibrant, glossy images adhere well to high-end coated substrates. The inks have enhanced ink/water latitude for superior runnability and press stability, and the high solids content eliminates pressroom VOCs.
Flint Ink’s technical service staff will work closely with coldset customers to help retrofit existing web equipment with proper UV lamps. “Thanks to the new commercial projects Arrowlith UV will enable, coldset printers will quickly recoup their investment in UV lamps,” said Mr. Harbin.