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Flint Ink Establishes Partnership with Goss In Latin America


Flint Ink has announced an agreement between its Latin America business unit and Goss International Corp., a leading manufacturer of web offset newspaper printing presses, to sell a wide range of its newspaper printing equipment and services in Latin America.
The new working relationship establishes Flint Ink as the exclusive agent for Goss newspaper presses, parts and services in the Caribbean, South and Central America, with the exceptions of Brazil, Mexico, English speaking islands of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago.
The international agreement expands the capabilities of both organizations with a highly responsive sales force as well as new product and service offerings.
“The new distribution channel will provide newspaper-printing professionals with greater access to Goss’ high-performance printing technology and Flint Ink’s ink systems and technical expertise,” said Ernesto Oliveira, vice president Latin America, Goss International.
“Our newspaper customers will have the benefit of frequent personalized communications with a single-source provider that they know and trust, to meet all of their ink and press requirements,” said Jerko Rendic, president, Flint Ink Latin America.
Flint Ink will provide complete sales support for Goss’ newspaper presses, parts and consumables.  The agreement includes key products such as Goss Newsliner, Colorliner, Uniliner, Uniliner ‘S’, Universal, Magnum and Community press series. Distribution and technical support for Goss products will be handled by Goss’ Latin American offices and its global headquarters in Bolingbrook, IL.
“The alliance with Flint Ink is invaluable in helping us extend our customer reach into the Latin American marketplace,” said Mr. Oliveira. “Flint Ink’s sales force has in-depth knowledge of our newspaper press equipment and a dedication to good customer service.”
The new agreement expands Goss’ international customer reach to include support in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Guadalupe and Martinique.
“Our business has built a strong reputation for providing customers with products and services that help them grow their business and stay competitive,” said Mr. Rendic. “By combining consistent, quality services of Flint Ink with state-of-the-art technology of Goss International, we extend this commitment to the market.”
INX International Launches OPL Series Paste Ink Dispenser, New Inks
INX International Ink Co. introduced its new OPL Series Paste Ink Dispensers, ProMark and LithoPak process inks and Vision Plus ink system at Graph Expo 2004.
INX’s innovative paste-ink dispensers provide a cost-efficient solution for mid-market printers that offer a self-contained, advanced technology system – eliminating costly traditional-system pumps, complex installation and huge space requirements. The OPL (Offset Paste Lithographic) series offers speed and accuracy benefits that, until now, were available only to liquid ink users – or for paste inks, only with traditional dispensing systems that were too costly for mid-size printing operations.
Designed in cooperation with GFI Innovations, LLC, the user-friendly ink dispenser system improves operator efficiency by approximately 60 percent, resulting in labor savings and reduced waste.
In addition to the ink dispenser system, INX showcased its ProMark inks for sheetfed printers designed to provide exceptional color sharpness with minimal dot gain on a full range of sheet label substrates, including recycled and low basis weight C1S stocks. The low-tack ProMark inks offer exceptional color transfer, run stability and less picking – and also save time, reduce waste and increase day-to-day productivity.
INX also highlighted its LithoPak process inks for carton printers, which are specially created to deliver superior color reproduction on multi-grade substrates as well as premium quality carton stocks. These inks perform on a full range of formatted presses, with stay open properties to save time on press make-readies and help boost productivity. They reproduce on lightweight stock and many other substrates, including SUS, SBS and WCCNB.
LithoPak’s balanced four-color system is designed to reduce on-press adjustments for variables that affect inks and the litho process. Cartons printed with LithoPak inks are foil stampable and laser safe, and may be coated in-line with aqueous coatings or off-line with UV.
Vision Plus, specifically designed for sheetfed commercial printing, offers more stability on press, nearly twice as much rub resistance as typical ink systems and faster set times. Vision Plus gives more stability with a very thin film that’s ideal for Staccato and Stochastic 20-micron or even 10-micron random dot methods.
Vision Plus can deliver higher-quality, higher-volume output on current equipment and is also designed to work with new, higher-end printing and prepress technologies as printers upgrade their systems to meet tomorrow’s challenges.