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Aellora Introduces JetDry LQ Ink Jet Inks


Aellora Digital has introduced its new JetDry LQ Ink Series for solvent-based piezo drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet systems.
These air-dry inks produce high-density prints with good smudge, abrasion and package-to-package offset resistance on various porous and semi-porous substrates. Whereas the pigmented inks in this series offer superior color density, the dye-based inks in this series will also achieve excellent color density, according to the company.
The black dye-based inks have an optical density (OD) measurement of 15 on select coated papers. These inks also offer excellent nozzle open times for maximum uptime in either intermittent or variable printing applications. Inks in this series have demonstrated decap times of more than 16 hours using standard ink jet sub-pulsing routines, where a single line of print can be produced without purging after extended non-printing periods.
“Our JetDry LQ Inks have been specifically formulated to address two key issues facing solvent-based DOD ink jet; decap times and color density,” said Mario Carluccio, business development manager of Aellora Digital. “A black ink should produce a black image regardless of substrate, and not a grey image as is more often observed with other offerings on porous substrates such as various matte and coated papers. A printer should also be able to print an image on-demand and not first require a purge if a jet remains idle for seconds or even minutes, again as is often the case with other offerings.”
This solvent-based ink series is also completely free of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) in accordance with the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act.