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Nazdar Introduces New Line of Transparent UV Screen Inks


Nazdar has added the NSC UV Crystal Clear Transparent Ink Series to its line-up of products for the nameplate and membrane overlay market.
The NSC UV Crystal Clear Transparent Ink Series for printing colored windows on membrane overlays consists of 10 high-density colors, a mixing clear and a reducer. The colors were formulated with maximum colorant loads and provide exceptional performance in color matching. Depending on the type of printing equipment used, the inks may be printed straight from the container or reduced to optimum printing viscosity with the mixing clear and/or reducer.
According to the company, the primary market for the new transparent inks is the membrane switch overlay market, where the printing of transparent windows is vital to the construction of a membrane overlay.

“Because these windows must be both functional and decorative, it is essential that they be clear enough to allow back-lit information to be seen easily,” said Richard Bowles, Nazdar’s vice president of marketing. “The new NSC Series inks exhibit little haze and maximum clarity when printed on a transparent substrate, making them ideal for this application.”