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Aellora Digital Introduces VistaSpec Hybrid Ink Series For UV-Curable Ink Jet


Aellora Digital, a Markem company providing digital chemistries, drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet systems and services for commercial, graphic and select other digital printing, imaging and dispensing applications, has introduced its new VistaSpec HB Ink Series for UV-curable piezo DOD ink jet suitable for a broad range of substrates.
Hybrid UV-curable jetting inks, often referred to as semi-solid or paste inks, are highly viscous at room temperature.         
These inks are jetted at elevated temperatures for lowering the viscosity of the ink to the levels required for piezo DOD ink jet technologies. The ink rapidly cools after contact with the substrate, offering excellent drop control for extended periods without requiring special surface treatment or pre-setting/pinning of ink. This process provides superior print quality as compared to liquid UV-curable inks for high resolution printing with the benefit of no bleed-through or color dilution on a wide variety of substrates. It also provides maximum processing flexibility with no immediate setting, pinning or curing requirements.
“Hybrid UV-curable jetting inks offer another compelling reason for companies to transition from their traditional pad or screen printing process to digital ink jet,” said Mario Carluccio, business development manager of Aellora Digital. “Many companies like the advantages of a simple, clean digital printing process but want higher print quality than what is achieved with liquid UV-curable jetting inks. Our VistaSpec HB Ink Series has also been developed using the same chemistry platform as our BrightWhite HB ink. Having the same chemical platform and using our unique hybrid chemistry makes it possible to print wet on wet, that is printing color over white without pinning or curing between each layer.”
These hybrid inks are already functioning in more than 100 installations worldwide, many operating 24/7 in demanding industrial environments. A wide variety of different applications use these inks, including promotional items, gift cards, industrial signs, award plaques, electronic media, specialty and consumer products. These inks are excellent for high-resolution text, barcode and graphic requirements. Sharp, crisp, permanent prints have been demonstrated on a wide variety of plastics including, acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC and vinyl. These inks also perform well on various papers, cardboards, woods, fabrics, painted and coated substrates.