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Micro Powders Appoints Warren Pushaw President, COO


Warren Pushaw has been appointed president of Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) effective June 1, 2004. A chemist and 22-year veteran of Micro Powders, Mr. Pushaw has served in various positions, most recently as technical director, vice president and general manager.
As president, Mr. Pushaw will be responsible for the growth and performance of MPI including all domestic and international operations. Mr. Pushaw will also serve as chief operating officer in his new capacity.
“I am confident that Warren will continue to provide us with energy, efficiency and dedication in his new role as president of Micro Powders,” said James Strauss, chairman of the board. “Warren has worked very hard over the past 22 years and has been instrumental in the success of our organization. He has certainly earned this promotion and I look forward to working with him in his new capacity in the future.”
Mr. Pushaw has been connected with the ink and allied industries since 1971. After graduating from Pennsylvania Military College with a degree in chemistry, he joined IPI Inks in Lodi, NJ. In 1978, he started an ink company with Trinity Bag and Samson Bag, which led to Equitable Bag, and then MPI in 1982
“As a formulating chemist at Equitable Bag in New York City, we were converting all of our printing ink formulas to waterborne systems on plastic and paper,” Mr. Pushaw said. “At the time, Micro Powders had the best solutions for these systems and I became a customer. After a short period, an opening for a lab and sales person became available at MPI. Since I was aware of Micro Powders’ products and had a great deal of confidence in them, I took a chance and accepted the position offered to me by the president, Jim Strauss.”
That decision proved to be beneficial for Mr. Pushaw and MPI and the ink industry, as Mr. Pushaw’s leadership allowed the company to create innovative new products and focus on serving its customers.
“As technical director, I was able to focus on all the technical aspects of waxes, their applications and our customers who use them,” Mr. Pushaw said. “I think my most important accomplishment has been moving Micro Powders into new and interesting markets while maintaining our very important market base.”
Through the years, Mr. Pushaw’s responsibilities increased, allowing him to gain tremendous experience.
“The company has grown tremendously over the last 22 years and that led to other opportunities of advancement for me,” he said, noting that his initial role as technical director evolved into domestic sales before his promotion to vice president and general manager. “As vice president and general manager, I was able to get more involved in the operations of the company and our broad international scope,” he said.
Mr. Pushaw’s confidence in MPI’s product line when he joined the company in 1982 holds true today.
“I believe very strongly in our products, which makes it easier to sell them,” said Mr. Pushaw. “I think it is invaluable to have sales people who are very knowledgeable of the products they are selling. Having an in-depth knowledge of their formulation and manufacturing also makes them easy to service in our current markets as well as to adapt them to new markets.”
Outside of MPI, Mr. Pushaw enjoys family life: he and his wife, Lisa, a high school German teacher, have three children: Stephanie, Alexandra and Elena Beth. He also enjoys fishing and racing cars, and is still a member of a band.
As for MPI’s future, Mr. Pushaw anticipates excellent growth as the company expands its presence worldwide and develops new market opportunities.
“Our plans for the future include further integration into the global market and expansion to new market segments that relate to our basic product lines and capabilities,” Mr. Pushaw said. “We are not likely to look the same in the next 10 years. With all of the consolidation taking place worldwide, it is important to understand our market position and how we can expand.”