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INX International Launches Super-Stable SpH Inks


INX International Ink Co. is introducing SpH Inks, utilizing a new technology in pH stability, that’s designed to drastically reduce the need to constantly monitor and adjust pH levels in water-based inks while continuing to deliver top-line performance. These super-stable offerings provide labor savings, reduce costly downtime, boost output quality and ease environmental concerns.
“Until now, even with so-called ‘stable pH’ inks, maintaining a relatively high pH within a narrow pH window was critical to ink condition and performance. As pH dropped, ink would body up and run dirty,” said Joe Kelly, vice president/technical director of INX’s liquid ink division. “Press crews monitored and constantly adjusted pH by adding ammonia or VOC-heavy refresheners, which can reduce color density and cause other problems.
“Using new technology, these SpH inks start with a lower pH and drop very slowly, running cleaner, longer and requiring virtually no pH-related press crew attention,” Mr. Kelly said. “After all, most viscosity gain in water inks is pH related. And importantly, these inks eliminate the need to add slow amine solutions with high VOC content.”
Available in pH neutral SpH-7 or super-stable SpH inks, the offerings deliver the high-end graphics requested today across a wide spectrum of applications: corrugated, envelope, tag and label and folding carton, along with napkins and paper plates.