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INX International Introduces INXFlex 2000 UV Flexo Inks


INX International Ink Co. has introduced INXFlex 2000 UV flexo inks, formulated to provide exceptional flow, color consistency and transfer properties on a wide range of substrates.
These advanced-generation inks help users make the most of high-speed UV production on narrow web tag and label, folding carton, single serve and specialty applications as well as combination printing.
“More run time and less downtime is a key issue,” said Hal Clifton, INX product manager, narrow web inks. “The longer a press keeps running, the better the margins. With INXFlex 2000, we see presses run all day long - and all press users do is add ink. We’ve also seen presses run for several weeks without having to clean up plates or change them. This not only makes crews happy, but adds even more output. It’s a great way to make the most of high-speed, fast-cure UV systems.”
Whether using the latest digital plate technology or conventional, INXFlex 2000 avoids the plate swell problems that can arise.
“Dot gain and density stay as steady as can be,” said John Valla, INX UV/EB support specialist. “These inks’ rub resistance and chemical resistance properties also are outstanding. And they adhere to just about any substrate – BOPP, TCPE, PP, paper board, mylar and more.”