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Flint Ink Introduces Rub 'nSmell Scented Inks


Flint Ink has introduced its Rub’nSmell scented inks, which will enhance the appeal of consumer brands. Rub’nSmell inks extend the enticing scents of products to consumers to drive brand sales at the point of purchase, where 70 percent of buying decisions are made. The technology is delivered through a partnership with Scentisphere LLC, an innovative new producer of scented products. The new, colorless inks are ideal for packaging and labeling applications as well as promotional uses such as direct mailers and printed advertisements.
“Research has shown that scent is the strongest trigger of memory,” said James Berard, a former fragrance marketer and co-founder of Scentisphere. “New York Times marketing research indicated that when given a choice between two similar food or beverage products, more than 80 percent of consumers would choose one they could smell and see. Rub’nSmell inks are a powerful way to help differentiate brand owners, package printers and converters.”
The inks can be formulated with stock scents, like lemon, or custom fragrances for unique cosmetics, personal care and other consumer brands. The scented inks are applied directly over printed graphics and activate only when rubbed.
“Competition to distinguish brands continues to escalate, and scented packaging provides a significant competitive advantage,” said Leonard Walle, director of new business development, Flint Ink. “Instead of having a scent sprayed at them, consumers can interact with a brand in a very personal way. Creating these brand connections helps to establish customer relationships.”
The inks can be run in-line in either spot or full coverage, for offset, flexo, gravure or screen-printing applications. Rigorous testing assures that the scented inks withstand heat, pressure, humidity and other printing and converting stresses.