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U.S. ITC Terminates Micro Inks Investigation


Micro Inks and its parent company, Hindustan Inks and Resins, Limited announced that they have defeated the antidumping and subsidies allegations brought by Sun Chemical Corporation, General Press Colors, Ltd., Apollo Colors, Inc., Magruder Color Company, Inc., and supported by Flint Ink Corporation last month involving the importation of certain pigment dispersions (otherwise known as “flush”) from India.
Micro Inks said that by a unanimous vote, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) held on July 18, 2003 that there was no reasonable indication that the U.S. flush industry was injured or threatened by injury by reason of imports of flush imported by Micro Inks from India. As a result, Micro Inks said that the ITC has terminated the investigation entirely and there will be no further inquiry conducted of these allegations.