Fresh Ink

SunJet Launches Two UV Ink Jet Technologies


SunJet, part of the digital division of Sun Chemical Corp., has launched two new digital ink technologies designed for jetting in piezo DOD print heads.
To expand its range of UV curing inks for wide format ink jet printing, SunJet launched the Crystal UDG ink product line, aimed directly at the important display graphics market. These inks have unique performance characteristics on flexible and rigid media, and incorporate hardness and scratch resistance with film flexibility. The new UDG inks have proven jetting capabilities and have achieved “Approved” status with a leading print head manufacturer.
A key requirement for the display graphics ink jet market is white ink. SunJet now offers Crystal UGW white inks, formulated to offer printers the ability to choose where to put white ink when printing onto transparent or dark media substrates. According to SunJet officials, the new white inks have outstanding opacity and whiteness.