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Sun Chemical's Vivitek Launched at Graph Expo


Four divisions of Sun Chemical Corporation for the first time combined their displays at Graph Expo 2003 to demonstrate the breadth, quality and value of the Sun Chemical product line. These included Vivitek, the newly launched business providing distribution of printing consumables and services, as well as Sun Chemical Ink North America, Kohl & Madden and SunJet.
“This company operates in almost every segment of the graphic arts industry,” said Michael S. Murphy, president, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “While Sun Chemical has a long history of leadership, Graph Expo gives us the opportunity to showcase recent product advancements from all our businesses that provide real value to printers.”
Vivitek, Sun Chemical’s new distribution and services business, also will be able to supply services such as color and brand management, print consultation, analytical testing and safety systems.
“Printers are seeking new efficiencies by consolidating their supply chains,” said William Glass, Vivitek general manager. “Vivitek will supply its own brands, as well as other name-brands, of key materials such as fountain solutions, blankets, press washes, web conditioners, densitometers, personal safety equipment and a host of other supplies.”