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Eckart Launches Metallic Silver Ink for MetalFX


Eckart GmbH & Co. KG has announced it has a worldwide ‘Strategic Partner’ alliance with MetalFX Technology Ltd., Leeds, England, the developer of the innovative MFX metallic color system.
Eckart became the first officially licensed supplier of silver base inks for the MetalFX system.
MetalFX is a metallic color library and software-based system that works with major design software tools. It offers designers and printers the freedom to create up to 104 million metallic colors and different effects. This is achieved in a simple printing operation using five colors, a base silver printed first, and then overprinted with the four process colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
For the program, Eckart will offer two versions of the MFX silver base ink – a premium silver, based on the innovative vacuum metallized technology for an ultra-brilliant metallic effect; and a standard silver based on conventional metallic pigment technology which delivers a crisp metallic appearance.
Eckart offers a complete line of Eckart/MFX silver inks for offset, flexo and gravure printing. According to Colin Appleyard, Eckart’s worldwide offset business manager, “These inks are based on Eckart’s established brands already highly regarded in the graphic arts market for outstanding gloss and brilliance – TopStar and MetalStar inks for offset printing, and UltraStar and RotoStar inks for flexo and gravure printing.”