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Eastman Resins Shifts Sheetfed Varnish Production to LaVergne, TN


In a move designed to refocus its efforts in the sheetfed varnish market, Eastman Resins is moving the production of Lawter Graphic Arts Technologies’ sheetfed varnishes to its LaVergne, TN plant. The company will continue to manufacture resins, heatset varnishes, alkyds and some bulk sheetfed varnishes at its Pleasant Prairie, WI facility.
By moving its sheetfed varnish production to LaVergne, Eastman Resins, Inc. will be able to produce smaller batch sizes and provide the specialized service that sheetfed ink manufacturers require.
“LaVergne will be the crown jewel for our sheetfed varnish manufacturing,” said Guy Trerotola, business director, commercial offset for Eastman Resins. “Historically, Lawter was first and foremost a varnish company. By having all of our sheetfed ink varnish production in LaVergne, it will allow us to reemphasize our reputation as a leading varnish manufacturer and technology innovator. Manufacturing Lawter varnishes at a dedicated plant lends itself to smaller batch production, which will allow us to focus on the sheetfed ink market segment and create the consistent products and offer the responsive service the sheetfed ink market deserves.”
Mr. Trerotola said that the extensive experience of the staff at the LaVergne facility benefits customers.
“We have a very experienced staff, with an average experience of 19 years in manufacturing and quality control entirely at that site,” he said.
As part of the move, Eastman Resins has added new QC equipment and conducted additional training at the facility. Meanwhile, vehicle R&D remains in Pleasant Prairie, where it can work closely with the Lawter resins research group.
“Eastman has equipped our LaVergne lab with the latest equipment, with state-of-the-art rheometers and cloud point solubility testing equipment, in addition to industry standard viscometers and inkometers,” Mr. Trerotola said. “Our vehicle R&D department in Pleasant Prairie works hand in hand with our resin technology group at the Lud Horn Technical Center. We have the unique advantage of having our in-house resin resources to build on, which allows us to be the best varnish supplier we can be. The synergistic relationship between Lawter varnishes and Lawter resins is what distinguishes us as the preeminent varnish producer in the graphic arts industry.”
Mr. Trerotola said that the company has developed its future plans, which include new Lawter varnishes product lines and long-term goals.
“Our business plan in the near term will focus on the introduction of new products and technology, in the long term it will create the competence to deliver ‘properties on demand,’” Mr.Trerotola said. “We are committed to be the varnish technology innovator and leader of the twenty-first century”.