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Akzo Nobel Inks USA Invests in Market Leadership


Throughout 2002, Akzo Nobel Inks initiated several processes to better understand the needs of converters in the narrow web converting market. In an effort to better address these needs, Akzo Nobel Inks has invested in three fully automated manufacturing facilities.     
New automated manufacturing concepts will enable Akzo Nobel Inks to produce a wide variety of products “on demand” to satisfy customers. “These facility and process changes will be fully implemented by July 2003,” said Dave Hiserodt, president. “We had embarked on a process to better listen to our customers’ needs during 2002, and as a result, we identified the need to bring our products and services closer to our customers.”
Akzo Nobel Inks’ narrow web business unit is the global market leader. By investing further in this leadership, Akzo Nobel Inks will continue to supply the market with the same high quality, consistent products to satisfy just-in-time environments.
“I am very excited about our investment in these facilities as it further strengthens our leadership position in the narrow web marketplace and supports our long-term strategy of bringing excellent products to support the needs of our customers in a growing market segment,” said Hank Malone, vice president of sales and marketing.
The narrow web business unit of Akzo Nobel Inks is the only global ink player who has dedicated resources fully focusing on narrow web customers worldwide. Narrow web offers a full range of UV and water-based products designed for the self-adhesive label and unsupported film market. The narrow web business unit, with approximately 360 employees, provides local, personalized, technical support from 38 locations strategically located throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.