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Zeres, Inc. Offers New pH Neutral Water-Based Flexo Ink


Zeres, Inc., Bowling Green, OH, a manufacturer of flexographic printing inks for both wide web and shipping container applications, has introduced a pH neutral water-based ink.
Spectrastat, new from Zeres, remains pH and viscosity stable indefinitely, eliminating the need
“We’ve generated tremendous excitement everywhere we’ve put Spectrastat on press,” said Tom Wilkinson, national sales manager with Zeres. “Operators are free to concentrate on up-time and the overall quality characteristics of the finished product.”
According to Mr. Wilkinson, Spectrastat runs cleaner with virtually no wash-ups required, and customers are reporting 30 percent to 40 percent more mileage.
“From a technical perspective, it’s a great leap forward in improving and stabilizing the flexographic printing process,” Mr. Wilkinson said. “It’s not often that we see new product developments of this magnitude in our industry.”