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UVitec launches New Rotary Letterpress Scanning Varnish


UVitec Printing Ink, Lodi, NJ, has introduced a scanning varnish (#14147-17) for letterpress applications that the company said produces a higher degree of brilliance and readability than conventional scanning varnishes.
Developed in-house using a proprietary manufacturing process, the scanning varnish is well-suited for pharmaceutical labels, check printing and any other application requiring a high quality security varnish.
The special manufacturing process developed by UVitec efficiently suspends the particles used in the varnish until they are cured, according to UVitec. By utilizing such a process, the full potential of the fluorescent whitening agent is realized, so that a strong bluish-white effect is created when the printed piece is held under a black light.
Other benefits include excellent gloss, good surface slip, strong scratch resistance and flexibility, according to the company. It is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. The overall attributes of the scanning varnish help ensure that adequate, uniform varnish coverage is achieved. UVitec can customize the scanning varnish to meet individual customer needs.