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Sun Chemical Introduces Innovative Troubleshooting Guides


Sun Chemical Ink (GPI) has introduced three new, copyrighted pressroom troubleshooting guides that put technical assistance right at your fingertips.
Sun Chemical’s new guides for paper packaging, energy curable inks and energy curable coatings provide excellent resources for correcting all types of printing problems that might arise in production. In an industry first, these practical guides use photographs to clearly illustrate each defect.
Beginning in late January 2002, Sun Chemical GPI’s newly updated web site at will feature interactive versions of the troubleshooting guides.
The use of photographs is designed to be a simple method of identifying and solving common problems printers might encounter in their printing process.
Sun Chemical has developed two series of troubleshooting guides for packaging and publication printers based on the company’s experience working in pressrooms around the world and its commitment to research and development in the printing ink and coatings industry.
The paper packaging, energy curable inks and energy curable coatings guides are available as either a handy, pocket-sized, spiral-bound booklet with a convenient hanging hole, or as a large, easy-to-read wall poster. These informative guides include detailed definitions and photographic examples of each problem, along with possible causes and corresponding solutions. Additional guides for flexo and gravure package printing should be available early in 2002.
In addition, the spiral-bound versions of the two energy curable guides include instructions for safe handling and precautions regarding UV/EB materials.
For information about Sun Chemical’s new paper packaging troubleshooting guide, contact Jim Wegemer, director of sales and marketing, paper packaging. For information about Sun Chemical’s new energy curable inks or energy curable coatings troubleshooting guides, contact Mike McGovern, director of sales and marketing, energy curable products. Mr. Wegemer and Mr. McGovern can be reached at Sun Chemical Ink (GPI), 135 West Lake St., Northlake, IL 60164; telephone (708) 562-0550; fax (708) 562-0580.