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Sun Chemical to Acquire Half Interest in French Special Effect Pigments and Inks Supplier AIC


Sun Chemical Corporation has acquired a 50 percent interest in Assemblage Intermoleculaire en Chimie Organique (AIC), a special effect pigments, additives and inks company based in Libourne, France.
AIC manufactures high-performance additives that function as pigments in the security and specialty inks markets.
Dr. David Hill, Sun Chemical’s chief technology officer, said, “AIC has a strong technology position and is poised to become the leading player in thermochromic and photochromic coatings systems. We expect our association with this emerging company to provide Sun Chemical with new and innovative technologies and products that will represent a key strategic opportunity for us.”
Martin Cellérier, director of strategic planning, Sun Chemical Europe Group, will lead the business for Sun Chemical. According to Mr. Cellérier, “We expect that AIC will help Sun Chemical to develop value added solutions for our customers in the area of brand and product protection, secure documents, currency and related segments of the market.”
“The AIC team is very excited to have the support of Sun Chemical, and we look forward to achieving the benefits of this new partnership,” said Mireille Devos, AIC’s general manager.