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Sun Chemical Launches Vivitek Services Company


Sun Chemical   ( has announced the creation of Vivitek, a services and distribution company that will offer services and non-ink consumable products for prepress, pressroom and finishing operations.
“Many printers have expressed interest in buying from a single source the multitude of products they use in their graphic processes,” said William Glass, Vivitek general manager. “Printers have indicated they want to do business with a supplier who has a broad product line and the expertise to timely service and support. Vivitek has designed its structure to meet those needs at competitive pricing.
“Vivitek’s management is committed to providing the printing industry with a new level of innovation and value,” he said. While Vivitek will operate as a separate company, Mr. Glass said it will leverage the sales and technical service infrastructure of Sun Chemical.
Vivitek will offer an integrated product line ranging from fountain solutions, blankets and washes to personal protective equipment, pH meters, densitometers and spectrophotometers. The company will distribute well-known brands, but also will offer Vivitek-branded products.
In addition, Vivitek will provide products, tools, systems, processes and consulting services in such areas as color and environmental management and press optimization.
The Vivitek sales and technical service will be headed by industry veterans Mike Stone and Nick Federico.
The new company will issue a printed catalog and also will display it at