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Nazdar Unveils New MasterPrint System


To help screen printers meet the increasingly competitive demands of the POP printing market, Nazdar, Shawnee, KS, has introduced its new MasterPrint system.
Combining technologically advanced products with hands-on training programs, the new MasterPrint system is designed to give printers the tools to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and creativity with the new generation of four-color process printing.
The MasterPrint system offers new critical performance MasterPrint inks, MasterPrint approved products, MasterPrint training and MasterPrint proofing program.
“We created the MasterPrint System to provide efficiency enhancements in three critical areas: ink rheology, proofing and, most importantly, training and education,” said Peter Walsh, Nazdar’s vice president of sales and marketing. “By combining technology and training, we believe the MasterPrint system can increase the productivity of any screen print operation. The MasterPrint stamp of approval is your assurance that you’re buying performance.”
The MasterPrint ink lines are four-color process inks designed with low-tack rheology and provide lower dot height and greater dot density and reproduction. Ideal for high-speed cylinder presses and in-line processors, the new MasterPrint inks provide faster release from the screen, an increased production yield and better ink mileage from every gallon without sacrificing color, quality or durability, according to the company.
MasterPrint approved products include Capillex Controlled Profile (CP) Stencil Film from Autotype. The first stencil specifically designed for four-color UV printing is an ideal companion to the new line of MasterPrint low-tack rheology inks, according to the company.
Nazdar plans to expand its offering of MasterPrint approved products and will soon be offering a number of new MasterPrint test kits, including MasterPrint QC film kits for graphics and textile printing plus a MasterPrint densitometer/proof exercise kit.
Training and education are the centerpiece of the MasterPrint program. Nazdar MasterPrint experts will provide hands-on training in the latest technology of four-color process printing. Nazdar will offer numerous MasterPrint training courses in 2002. The courses are developed by Bruce Ridge, Nazdar’s director of product and process application training, and will be held at Nazdar headquarters, regional branches and hotels, and at local screen printing shops when requested. Contact Nazdar or visit the Nazdar web site,, for more information or to schedule a seminar.
The MasterPrint Proofing Program is the final piece of the program. Nazdar is currently developing a series of inks featuring specific color gamuts that will allow printers to achieve improved proof accuracy and color reliability. These include MasterProof Analog four-color process inks specifically designed to match the most popular screen proofing systems on the market and MasterProof Digital four-color process inks formulated to match the most widely accepted digital proofing systems and enable true color calibration between proof and final print.