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Heubach to Acquire Avecia's Pigments Business


Heubach has acquired Avecia’s pigments business, comprising high performance automotive pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, azo pigments and specialty pigment dispersions.
The acquisition, which is effective Jan. 1, 2003, also provides Heubach with access to Avecia’s global distribution network.
In August 2000, Heubach and Avecia , one of the few global suppliers of high performance automotive pigments, established a manufacturing collaboration involving the transfer of manufacturing technology from Avecia’s U.K. operations to Heubach India. This collaboration resulted in a seamless transfer in production of Avecia’s full range of phthalocyanine blues and greens to Heubach’s modern manufacturing operations at Ankleshwar, India.
The successful transfer of this highly complex manufacturing technology has helped counter previously held industry concerns in relation to the stability and quality of manufacture from Eastern countries. As such, Avecia and Heubach have gained recognition and wide customer support for their ground-breaking success. Encouraged by this support, Heubach India is now considering several new projects in the field of specialty and automotive pigments, such as high performance reds and yellows.
Earlier this year, Heubach had acquired Bayer’s mixed metal oxides business to reinforce its position as a major global supplier of inorganic pigments.
“These acquisitions further strengthen Heubach’s market position within the pigments industry and reinforce our strategic plan to become a leading global supplier of both organic and inorganic pigments with the special focus on high performance colored pigments,” said Rainer Heubach.