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Epson Develops Enhanced DuraBrite Inks


Epson has engineered a more advanced formula of DuraBrite pigment-based inks that are designed to not only produce durable, detailed output on a variety of media, but also offer richer colors and even greater highlight and shadow detail than the Epson Stylus C80 ink jet printer. Unlike prints from traditional dye-based inks, output from DuraBrite color and black inks can be submerged in water without the ink coming off the page.
This feature is designed to give creators of fliers, menus, signs, postcards and almost any other printed output the ability to produce documents and images that will withstand damage caused by moisture.
 DuraBrite inks also have a light-resistance rating of up to 80 years on certain specialty paper and an unmatched 70-year rating on plain paper, making it possible to safely place prints in areas where light would normally cause images to fade quickly. Bleed-through is reduced since DuraBrite inks rest on the surface of the paper. This reduction in dot gain also makes it possible to create ink droplets on paper that are 30 percent smaller than dye-based ink, resulting in greater detail and sharpness.
The Stylus CX5200 includes four separate “snap-in/snap-out” ink cartridges to maximize ink yield – one extra-large black ink cartridge and three color ink cartridges (cyan, yellow and magenta). Since these individual color inks can be replaced at any time, efficiency is maximized, lowering the total cost of ownership. Each cartridge also contains a chip that relays ink level information on screen to the user via the printer driver, while self-sealing valves preserve the inks up to six months once removed from the printer.