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DuPont Unveils Ink Solution for Screen Printing RFID Antennae


DuPont Electronic Technologies has launched its Polymeric Thick Film (PTF) technology as a solution for screen printing antenna onto Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ‘smart’ labels. The embedded antennae are necessary to establish the communication link between the smart chip and the data system of the read/write terminal, and is usually copper etched onto the label.
PTF technology is already widely utilized for screen printing conductive patterns on plastic and flexible substrates in membrane keyboard applications. The polymeric inks are based on silver conductive particles and achieve low resistivity values of 4 to 12 mOhms/square, according to DuPont.
DuPont’s polymer thick film materials can be screen printed and cured on different types of films and substrates, including polyester and PVC.