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Ciba Specialty Chemicals to Expand HPP Production


Ciba Specialty Chemicals has announced a major expansion of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Monthey, Switzerland. A new production line is to be added to increase capacity for Ciba’s high-performance diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole (DPP) pigments. It will become operational in 2004.
“This expansion will allow us to keep up with the demand for high-performance pigments (HPP) based on DPP chemistry,” said Hermann Angerer, global head of Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ coating effects segment. “Ciba invented DPP chemistry more than 20 years ago and demand has been growing ever since. Ciba’s high-performance DPP pigments are used for automotive and industrial coatings, inks, plastics and sophisticated electronic applications such as color filters for liquid crystal displays. The additional capacity will allow us to produce pigments for new applications in these sectors.”