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Akzo Nobel Introduces Uvokett Ebony Ink


Akzo Nobel Inks has introduced Uvokett Ebony, a new letterpress ink with extreme jetness which enables printers to print both text and solids with very high black density at high printing speeds.
“Previously, black inks were the weakest link in the UV range, but with Uvokett Ebony you can now print at high printing speeds,” said Niklas Olsson, global brand manager at Akzo Nobel Inks.
Curing properties have been optimized, so the product can cure through even thick deposits of ink needed for extreme black density. The product also exhibits good jetness at low film weights and shows excellent press stability and transfer properties, which gives the printer the benefit of a consistent high print quality. The ink has a great dot sharpness and minimal dot gain, and it gives very good results on vignettes as well as fine line and text work, according to the company. Uvokett Ebony can be used for a wide variety of applications, including self-adhesive labels in the materials coated and uncoated papers, polyethylene Primax, tags and boards.