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Akzo Nobel Inks OffersRevised Lithocure 200


Akzo Nobel Inks has relaunched Lithocure 200, a dedicated UV offset ink for narrow web applications, which has been reformulated with further improvements in press performance and adhesion characteristics.
The improved Lithocure 200 now offers adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates, especially to PE, PVC and metallic foils, still maintaining high color strength and high resistance properties. The use of Lithocure 200 for a broad range of applications means a reduced inventory.
Lithocure 200 also shows excellent color strength as well as lithographic properties, which means reduced waste during set up and ultimately improved profitability, according to the company. Print quality is superb even at high printing speeds. Lithocure 200 is designed to be used for narrow web rotary offset, but can also be used in UV rotary letterpress. It is available in the full range of Pantone basic shades and four-color process set.