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Nazdar Expands Distribution Program in China


Nazdar has expanded its screen printing distribution within China which is already being serviced by Grace Screen Supplies Limited in Shenzhen, P.R.C. through the addition of Sam Wo International Printing Equipment, Ltd.
Sam Wo International, based in Shenzhen, is the P.R.C.’s leading supplier of screen printing equipment and supplies, currently operating 34 distribution centers supported by a network of sub-distributors, two technical service centers, a technical training center and a sales and technical support staff of nearly 300 people.
As part of this new Nazdar program in China, the services of both Sam Wo International and Grace Screen Supplies in Shenzhen will provide expanded distribution, support and training for the full line of Nazdar screen printing inks. This means that screen printers throughout China will now have access to Nazdar’s state-of-the-art UV, water-based UV and solvent-based inks, as well as to product seminars and full technical support.