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Clariant's Interactive Search Engine Permits Specific Product Search


Clariant is offering an expanded “Product Finder” on the Internet. Under, visitors to the Pigments & Additives division’s homepage will have access to the company’s search engine.
This new interactive search engine offers both product information and decision-making aids to customers in selecting raw materials for their various applications.
Using the “Search by Product” button, the customer will find the desired product from among the Clariant range. A product data sheet can be called up for further information. The product range of the product finder includes pigments, pigment preparations and dyes as well as additives from anti-oxidants, flame retardants and process stabilizers to waxes.
A further search function is offered by the page “Search by Application.” This permits the customer to define their application profile individually. The search engine then suggests an appropriate colorant, additive or a combination of the both.