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BASF Announces Alliance With Heidelberg


BASF announced Nov. 8 that its North American Printing Systems Group has formed an alliance with Heidelberg Canada Graphic Equipment Limited to distribute BASF’s line of K+E printing inks in Canada.
“This new and exciting relationship between BASF and Heidelberg enhances tremendously the support that each company can provide to our customers,” said Pat Janssen, general manager, performance chemicals for the printing industry.  “Both companies have demonstrated their strong commitment to the graphic arts industry and the announcement today is further proof of that commitment. BASF’s technology in printing inks combined with Heidelberg’s expertise in printing is a winning combination, for both companies and our customers.”
Formation of this alliance will allow both BASF and Heidelberg to improve their distribution of printing inks and related products to major businesses in Canada.  The alliance will also allow each company to focus on their respective strengths, offer a higher level of service to customers and achieve growth in the graphic arts industry.
BASF’s K + E printing inks are used in  publication, commercial printing and specialty printing applications, and include sheetfed and web offset printing, publication gravure and packaging, and a new line of UV-curable and hybrid inks.