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CP Graphics Installs HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press


Company has quadrupled revenues over the last four years.

CP Graphics is reinvesting heavily in the future. Quadrupling revenues over the last four years, CEO Jake Walker attributes CP Graphics’ strong and steady growth to two factors: recruiting the most talented team in the business and continuously reinventing itself to help national and international clients capitalize on technological advances in print and digital marketing.
CP Graphics’ current suite of services includes custom web-to-print solutions, variable data campaign management, work flow automation, data integration, graphic design, commercial print production, mailing services and fulfillment and ad specialty products.
In preparation for another strong year ahead, CP Graphics recently expanded its fleet of HP Indigo presses in Tucson, adding another HP Indigo 7600. According to Walker, the latest equipment upgrade will support another 30% output increase.
“By helping our clients streamline print asset management through work flow automation, we’ve been able to import lots of dollars into Tucson and keep it here with 100% of our production staff based in Tucson. That’s been a winning formula for us and for the community. We don’t plan to alter that course,” Walker said.

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