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Sonoco Helps Launch New Dare Foods Flexible Packaging


Sonoco provided technical support and expertise in materials and equipment.

Sonoco, a diversified global packaging company, has teamed with Dare Foods to unveil its new, premium Boulangerie Grissol Artisanal Baguettes products flexible bag to the US market this Fall. The product was already launched in Canada this past June. Sonoco provided technical support in development and startup as well as expertise in materials and equipment runnability.

“We chose to work with Sonoco due to their technical expertise,” says Josh Richardson, brand manager. “We looked at other suppliers, but Sonoco already had the materials, structure and equipment expertise to help us launch the product quickly and correctly. We are very pleased with the outcome. The package provides a clean look on the shelf, meets required shelf life, keeps our product fresh, and is easy to open and reclose. I think our customers in the US are going to be very pleased.”

Sonoco’s graphics team partnered with Dare's art house to design the premium look. Sonoco reports that feedback in Canada has been positive from both retailers and consumers and sales are strong. 

“We hope to have the same positive reception in the US,” Richardson adds.

Dare Foods’ Boulangerie Grissol Artisanal Baguettes products will initially be available in Safeway grocery stores.