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Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. Shareholders Vote Approval to Become PEN Inc.


Companies combine to commercialize advanced products enabled by nanotechnology

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. (APNT) announced that a majority of APNT shareholders have approved the proposed combination with NanoHolding Inc., the parent company of Nanofilm, Ltd. (Nanofilm), a private company with a leading market position for specialty optical coatings, cleaners and nano-composite products. The combination will create a new publicly traded company called PEN Inc.
The approval of the combination proposal was announced during the special shareholder meeting held in Dallas based on preliminary vote results. The transaction is expected to close next week.
“Over 97% of the shares voted were in favor of the combination,” said Robert Rondstadt, chairman of the APNT Board of Directors. “It’s gratifying to see that these shareholders overwhelmingly support the new direction the company is taking with the creation of PEN Inc.”
“Now we can set in motion our growth strategy of developing and commercializing advanced-performance products enabled by nanotechnology,” noted Scott Rickert, CEO of Nanofilm, who will become the CEO of PEN. “The teams in both companies are eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”