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Nazdar Announces TX650 Dye Sublimation Transfer Inks Validated for Roland SOLJET

Published August 1, 2014
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Nazdar Ink Technologies announced that the TX650 wide-format high-density dye-sublimation inks have added Roland’s SOLJET PRO4 XF-640 to the list of validated printers. These water-based, high density dye sublimation inks have been formulated specifically for use on a range of wide-format printers including a number of Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland machines.
Designed for printing onto paper prior to being heat-transferred onto polyester-based fabrics and coated rigid substrates, TX650 ink is ideal for an array of transfer applications from producing sportswear garments through to the production of outdoor signage.
Nazdar has formulated TX650 to offer outstanding performance for an array of applications:
•   Sportswear.
•   Fashion and Apparel.
•   Décor/Interior Design.
•   Display and Flags.
•   Technical/Specialty.

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