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Flint Group Narrow Web North America Launches Two New EkoCure UV LED Rotary Screen Whites

Published July 18, 2014
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Flint Group Narrow Web North America has commercialized two new UV LED Rotary Screen Whites to compliment the already industry leading innovative products included in the EkoCure brand. This product is best known for its exceptional ability to be used in combination with multiple ink technologies.
The products are:
• A “first down” UV LED rotary screen white with improved adhesion to many newer films in the marketplace today. Along with its outstanding opacity and whiteness, this opaque white cures and prints smoothly at higher speeds than traditional products.
• A “second down” white, which is used when a white is needed in a print sequence that is “trapped” between other print layers. This white will print over UV flexo colors and then be able to be printed upon by other print technologies and will yield good print quality along with excellent adhesion and scratch resistance under severe test conditions.

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