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Kodak Supports Panini America’s Rewards Program Launch


Panini America adopts KODAK Brand Protection Solutions to protect consumer brand loyalty, reward shopping and authentication

Panini America, the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company, has adopted the KODAK Brand Protection Solutions extendable software platform to support its new customer rewards program. With the launch of the Panini Rewards Program, trading card and memorabilia collectors can now gain points when they purchase and trade these collectibles.
“The Panini Rewards platform gives collectors the ability to collect points and use them on an industry-first platform to collect trading cards and other items from their favorite teams and players,” said Jason Howarth, vice president of marketing at Panini America. “We’re happy to have worked with Kodak to deliver this first of its kind to the trading cards and collectibles community.”
Specifically, the KODAK Brand Protection Solutions team worked with Panini America to:
•   Implement a high-resolution image-capture station giving collectors the ability to view memorabilia and autograph cards.
•   Implement a website designed to enhance collectors’ customer rewards experience.
•   Develop a mobile app.
“Panini America has been one of our valued customers for years, so we were eager to help them create and launch this program that’s such a big win for their customers,” Pablo Biggs, director of brand protection solutions at Kodak, said,
Panini has been a Kodak customer since 2008. Kodak has provided ultracovert brand protection solutions for the high-value collectable trading card line for the past six years. More recently, Kodak’s software and consulting teams have been working with Panini to create this online web-based hub for members. The system not only offers security for the Panini brand, but for consumers as well. Future Rewards Platform enhancements will give collectors the ability to self-authenticate their trading cards and eliminate issues related to potential counterfeit trading cards on the secondary market.

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