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Japan’s Thriving Toy Packaging Printer Acquires Sixth ROLAND


Creativity, reliability key to new purchase

Booming business and a need for creativity and reliability were two of the main factors behind Japanese toy packaging printer Ono Bijutsu Insatsujo’s recent purchase of a ROLAND 706 LV.

Approximately 65% of Ono Bijutsu’s business comes from packaging products for plastic models of popular characters.

“The printing press is our core production tool,” said company president Kijoshi Ono said. “It must be multi-functional and reliable enough to bring our ideas to life. We have maintained a trustworthy relationship with Manroland for over three decades.”

Ono Bijutsu’s first ROLAND machine, the RZK3B was purchased in December 1979. Its second, The ROLAND RVK was acquired in 1989 and a third, a ROLAND 606D, arrived in 1997, to be followed 10 years later by a ROLAND 706 and RZK3B.