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Color-Logic Silver Ink Now Available for Every Offset Pressroom


Prints at a thin ink film thickness

Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink – developed for use with the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System – is finding much broader use in sheetfed offset pressrooms around the world. Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink prints at a very thin ink film thickness (density) – at least 50% less than conventional metallic silver ink – permitting better control on press and significantly cutting down on ink usage. On most jobs, using the new ink produces dramatic cost savings, due to reduced metallic ink consumption.

Perhaps the most significant feature of Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink lies in its unique formulation, which enables the silver to retain its luster after aqueous or UV coating, varnishing, or lamination. The ink has excellent intercoat adhesion, and can be used for blister pack applications and foil stamping.

“Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink was so-named because it incorporates four attributes not normally found in metallic inks,” said Richard Ainge, Color-Logic chief technical officer. “It offers printers Brilliance, Economy, Special Effects, and Trapping. Because of its ability to trap process inks printed over it, our ink permits graphic designers to produce myriad colors and special effects when using Color-Logic Design Suite software. Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink also does not pile on press and prints more cleanly than conventional silver inks.”