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Ross Completes 1,000th Planetary Dual Disperser

Published June 23, 2014
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Since introducing the world’s first change can Double Planetary Mixer in 1942, Ross has led in the development of technologies geared towards high viscosity mixing. Today, its Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM), the latest evolutionary product to emerge from the Ross family of planetary mixers, is expanding the processing capabilities of manufacturers around the globe. In less than a decade, the number of Ross Planetary Dual Dispersers built has reached 1000 due to rapid demand from various industries including the battery, adhesives, sealants, coatings and composites markets.
Delivering a unique combination of intense high-speed mixing and thorough kneading action never before achieved in traditional multi-agitator and planetary mixers, the PDDM can quickly incorporate solids into a viscous liquid vehicle and disintegrate undesirable agglomerates regardless of the product’s changing flow characteristics. Four independently-driven agitators constantly advance into the batch, contacting fresh material all the time and enabling uniform heat distribution.

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