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Amcor UK Offers Range of Packaging Solutions for the Food & Beverage Market


Solutions include gravure, flexo (High Definition), lamination, extrusion and laser perforation

Amcor Flexibles in the UK offers a diverse range of consumer-driven packaging solutions including gravure, flexo (High Definition), lamination, extrusion and laser perforation for the food and beverage market.

The Amcor Flexibles Evesham plant is leading the pack with their latest investment of a cutting-edge laser scoring facility. This capability provides packaging features that facilitates easy opening on a range of substrates giving consumers quicker access to the delicious products inside.

Industry trends all point to features, and in particular easy opening, as essential to successful consumer packaging. Recent references in various publications reinforce this trend:

Euromonitor writes: “Easy open, easy close packaging is growing in importance among the senior age group and everyone leading a busy lifestyle looking for food on-the-go.”

Mintel says that the most important aspect of packaging for consumers is that it provides a functional benefit; not packaging that is pretty to look at, and 80% of consumers consider easy opening as the most advantageous packaging feature.

In 2013, Amcor Flexibles Cumbria invested in gravure coating capability which runs with our short run 8-color flexo printing press. By attaching this unit to its specialist short run High Definition Flexo printing asset, Amcor is now delighting customers with a range of benefits including colorful choices in coatings, lacquers and cold seals; applied 100% or pattern to deliver great performance and appearance. This builds on Cumbria’s unique capability to provide in line gravure applied coating to both high definition flexo printing and gravure printing from one location.

Amcor Flexibles Cumbria has also significantly invested in its state-of-the-art extrusion facility for HDPE (high density polyethylene) products. They’ve partnered with cereal providers to meet the increasing focus on protecting products packed with an internal barrier such as Amcor Vodex from mineral oil residuals. This ultimate co-extruded packaging solution provides increased customer satisfaction, enhanced consumer experience when opening the pack and, most importantly, safe consumption.

“Thanks to Amcor’s long heritage and proven experience in the food and beverage market in the UK, we can offer an unparalleled portfolio of packaging solutions which continue to delight our customers,” said Martin Davis, Amcor Flexibles Cumbria plant general manager.
“Our ongoing commitment to investing in cutting-edge capability will ensure we are providing products which meet consumer’s needs now and in the future.”