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Akcros Acquires Verdex


Produces green UV curing products for coatings, printing inks

Akcros Chemicals has completed the purchase of the business of Verdex Ltd., a developer of innovative products for use in UV cure and thermoset applications areas. This deal will enable current product developments with existing Verdex clients to be commercialized and the Verdex technology to be further developed in new market areas.
To facilitate these developments, David Thomson will be joining the Akcros team based in Eccles, Manchester, with Ian MacKinnon working in a consultancy role.
Verdex has its origins in Edinburgh, where the business based on bio-sourced raw materials has been nurtured and developed since 2008. Renewable chemistry was the mantra from the start and finding innovative renewable solutions for customers particularly in the coatings areas has been the principle objective.
“This business is very complementary to Akcros technology and strategic direction towards renewable chemistries. It will utilize the manufacturing capabilities, technical knowhow and strong brand name of Akcros to bring commercial strength to the Verdex knowhow and patents” said Akcros technical director Jim Pickett. The business will be fully integrated into Akcros, with the Verdanol brand name being retained for products in this this sector.

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