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Marabu Offers New Pantone Fan Book with 84 New Color Shades


Designers can choose among 1,755 color shades

Marabu offers the new edition 2014 of the Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series, which has been complemented by another 84 new trend colors: New Reds and Pinks, clean and vibrant Blues, Greens and Violets supplement the existing Pantone color scale for unlimited creativity. By now, designers and printers can make their choice among 1,755 color shades to find the perfect hue for their product.
• All color shades are clearly arranged in chromatic order.
• In order to quickly find the desired shade, there is a color index at the bottom of the fan.
• With the lighting evaluation tool, the current lighting conditions can be checked and whether they approximately correspond to daylight (D50).
•   All color shades were printed with a uniform ink film thickness onto a new, FSC-certified standard paper.

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