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Sun Chemical to Show Full Range of Solutions at ExpoPrint 2014


Offers varieties of inks and solutions for printers

Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, will showcase its full range of services and solutions for the packaging, commercial and publication printing markets in Latin America during ExpoPrint Latin America 2014, July 16-22, 2014 at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil.

Visitors will be introduced to a wide variety of Sun Chemical and DIC products and services that address the key issues the printing industries in Latin America are facing today, including pressroom efficiency, brand integrity, food safety regulations, color-matching solutions, shelf impact, sustainability requirements, brand protection, print performance for high speed printing, and costs.

“In order to meet our customers’ individual needs, Sun Chemical not only produces the broadest range of reliable inks for the Latin American market, we also offer a full range of solutions that are customized according to each of our customers’ specific goals,” said Fernando Tavara, president of Sun Chemical Latin America. “Our aim is to be a partner our customers can turn to for any need they may have – anywhere in Latin America. Our recent acquisition of Tintas in the Andean region, our investments in new manufacturing facilities in Brazil and Chile, and other equipment investments in Argentina, Central America and Mexico, are just more examples of our commitment to Latin America.”

Sun Chemical and DIC together offer a variety of services, materials and systems that are designed to improve a converter’s and printer’s bottom line, including a multi-purpose ink system, barrier lamination adhesives, sustainable inks, and coatings designed to lightweight packaging.

One solution for flexible packaging that will be on display includes SunStrato Duraline and SunStrato Duraflex, Sun Chemical’s latest generation of lamination inks suitable for reverse printing of flexible films. Each of the lamination inks provide optimum performance on both rotogravure and flexographic presses and offer high speed, high quality, and low solvent retention performance required for maximum press efficiency. In addition to high bond strength, both SunStrato Dubraline and Sunstrato Duraflex inks provide the shelf stand out and high quality package look demanded in today’s packaging market.

Sun Chemical’s SunBar Oxygen Barrier Coatings are designed to enable lightweighting of packaging by removing the metal foil and one layer of adhesive from packaging, as well as offering improved laminate flexibility. A smooth, homogenous, pinhole-free layer, SunBar is easily overprinted with inks and can be laminated to a variety of secondary films.

Due to a significant investment in both research and new manufacturing processes, Sun Chemical will introduce commercial printers in Central and South America to a wide variety of sheetfed options to choose from that are used extensively in Europe and/or North America with success.

Formulated with a high proportion of renewable raw materials which contribute to sustainability initiatives, SunLit Crystal universal sheetfed offset process inks are an “all-in-one” ink solution designed for print work where visual impression is key.Fully aligned with the measures of print standardization (ISO 12647:2), the vegetable oil-based printing ink can be used on straight or perfecting presses of all sizes and is the ideal solution if one or more presses are supplied from a pumping station. The SunLit Crystal solution is faster in work & turn than most standard printing inks and its high drying capability leads to print work with very good mechanical resistance, ensuring optimum pressroom efficiency.

Sun Chemical also offers a broad portfolio of high value coldset and heatset inks for the Latin American publication printing market. Addressing Latin American heatset printers’ needs for ink to print consistently across a growing range of improved paper stocks and grades, Sun Chemical will showcase its SunMag line of inks for catalog, magazines and ad inserts.

SunMag inks provide superb performance on conventional and stochastic screening technologies. Formulated to address the challenges of light weight coated, medium weight coated, and wood free coated substrates, SunMag inks were developed to give consistent color control and optimum ink-water balance across a wide range of press equipment.