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Matthews Unveils Unique Rubber Marking Inkjet System for the Tire Industry


Ink is a fast dry, HAPS-free, curable white pigmented formula

Matthews Marking Systems has developed a unique ink jet printing system designed specifically for rubber marking and the tire industry.

The new ink jet system features an inkjet controller, one or two 8000+ Series drop on demand printheads and a unique Agitating and Circulating Ink System (ACIS) in combination with a curable white pigmented ink. The unique 4-liter large capacity ACIS uses both an internal pump and an air driven agitation propeller to provide constant circulation of the pigmented ink, achieving reliable uptime, as well as reduced maintenance. The ink is a fast dry, HAPS-free, curable white pigmented formula, which conforms to tread production without transfer in the mold. This leaves no shadow of the previous mark and has no adverse effect on the finished tire.

The Matthews 8000+ print heads are available in 16 or 32 valve configuration. Each head prints two to four lines of text, in sizes ranging from six to 127mm (¼” to 5”). Matthews’ 8000+ print heads have the longest life expectancy in the industry with more than six billion firings and a high success rate in harsh environments.

The Matthews inkjet print controller provides easy integration with PLCs and other devices, for automatic code and recipe changes, as well as a flexible, user-friendly communication protocol interface via RS232 or Ethernet. The sophisticated “ink low, ink high” warning light and output signal provides added security for continuous operation.

“At the heart of the system is the Matthews 8000+ Series print head which is the most reliable drop on demand technology in the industry, due to its unique design and impressive quality,” said Donna Meade, strategic initiatives manager. “The exclusive micro-valve technology not only makes the 8000+ incredibly reliable, but also allows for easy maintenance and dramatically lower ink consumption without sacrificing print quality.”