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swissQprint T-Ink Presented at Fespa 2014


Ideal for glass, metal and thermoforming

Anyone who specializes in direct printing on glass, metal or in thermoforming is offered an optimized, UV-curing set of ink, first presented by swissQprint at Fespa 2014.

The newly developed “swissQprint T-ink” is characterized by excellent adhesive properties on glass, anodized aluminium and stainless steel. There is no need for pre-treatment with a bonding agent. At the same time, the ink is very flexible and therefore suitable for thermoforming. In this process, the corresponding media are deformed under heat application after printing. What appears visually and haptically appealing in the end puts enormous stress on the ink. The “swissQprint T-ink” can handle this. It can be stretched by up to 500% without stress whitening.

Despite the focus on technical aspects, T-ink is anything but monotone. Besides the bright process colors, light cyan, magenta and black are available for natural skin tones and fine shading. Additionally, white is also available, which is especially important for backlit thermoforms. In any case, the customer can customize their color palette depending on their needs.

The T-ink set is recommended when predominantly printing on glass or metal. Customers who mostly or exclusively use traditional advertising technology are well-served with the standard swissQprint ink. It is perfectly suited for classical substrates such as hard and soft foam sheets, acrylic, aluminum composite panels, vinyl film, paper, cardboard etc.