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New HP Inkjet Web Press to Power Hucais Publishing Business Model in China


World’s first installation of new monochrome 26-inch inkjet web press meets demands of China publishing market

HP announced that Hucais Printing Company Limited has installed three HP T260 Mono Inkjet Web Presses to help power its new publishing business model in China.

The presses, which are the first HP T260s installed worldwide, were initially developed to meet the demands of the China publishing market through a joint effort between Hucais and HP.

In today’s environment, it is hard for publishers to predict sales of printed books. Digital printing allows for the cost-effective production of books in very small quantities, and on-demand printing reduces the risk of ending up with unsold inventory. Cost-effectively printing books as needed helps publishers avoid the costs of unsold inventory and book-storage warehouses.

“As an innovative industry leader, our vision is to bring personalized printed material – whether it is photo books, books or other personalized items – to every home in China,” said Chen Chengwen, chairman, Hucais. “Specifically customized to our unique business needs, the HP T260 will help us achieve our goals and grow the business by taking on more short-run printing and out-of-print books while embracing new business models.”

To reduce delivery time for short-run printing and minimize logistics costs for their customers, Hucais is establishing a network of digital printing centers in China. For on-demand printing of niche books and other personalized print jobs, Hucais is developing a new business model that is open, innovative and provides win-win outcomes for the company and its publishing customers.

Hucais is building its business model around out-of-print or long-tail books using an e-commerce platform and production network. Once an order is received through the e-commerce site, Hucais will cost-effectively and efficiently print the book on demand at the location closest to the customer’s delivery address. As a result, readers receive the books they want to buy and publishing houses reduce inventory while still generating profit from out-of-print books.

To fully power the company’s publishing business model across its entire digital printing network in China, Hucais expects to place a further double-digit order of HP T260 Mono Inkjet Web Presses.

The new press, which enables printing companies like Hucais to increase speed to market and profitably increase mono inkjet book production, will also be made available globally before the end of 2014.
Established in 1988, Hucais has a corporate philosophy that embodies a strong focus on people, enabling mutual business benefit and continually pioneering innovation to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the domestic printing industry.

The new HP T260 Mono Inkjet Web Press prints on a wide range of media with high-productivity and a low total operating cost in a compact size. It is based on the proven HP Inkjet Web Press platform, which has printed a cumulative total of more than 50 billion pages worldwide.

With a 26-inch (66 cm) paper width, the HP T260 offers an efficient imposition form factor for book production and fast speeds – printing up to 800 feet (244 meters) per minute with 3-up A4 and 4-up 6-inch x 9-inch (152.6-mm by 228.6-mm) impositions.