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Brewers Ink Releases New Product Guide for Water-Based Flexo Inks


Guide contains AquaFlex ink, specialty inks for unique substrates and overprint varnishes

Brewers Ink, A Division of Kor-Chem Inc., has released a new product guide featuring water-borne inks, coatings and additives with more than 50 products. The guide contains AquaFlex ink, designed for a wide range of substrates and surfaces. In addition the guide offers specialty inks for unique substrates and overprint varnishes to protect and enhance visual presentation.

Customizing to the user of the inks, Brewers Ink has a line of specialty inks designed as solutions. Featured are specialty inks that provide great printability and dot sharpness for metallic inks and inks for uneven surfaces, cold-storage packaging, and fluorescent inks giving high strength colors. Brewers Ink plans to continue adding products to its water-borne line.

The finishing touch is offered by the water-borne overprint varnish line. These varnishes cater to the need for high speeds, print protection, optical enhancement, and superb adhesion for difficult substrates.

The Brewers Ink division manufactures custom inks for the screen print and the flexographic industry, producing additional solvent-based inks, pigment dispersions, gravure inks, ink cleaners and specialty colorants. Kor-Chem Inc. manufactures graphic arts cleaners, along with a diverse set of specialty chemicals accommodating to a variety of industries for more than 40 years. 

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