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Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. Launches ElvaJet PE 500, Elvajet PY 570


New pigmented ink sets dedicated to Epson and Kyocera printheads for digital printing on cotton

Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. launched ElvaJet PE 500 and the Elvajet PY 570, new pigmented ink sets respectively dedicated to Epson and Kyocera printheads, for digital printing on cotton.

The ElvaJet PE 500 range of pigmented inks has been developed to offer superior results on printers equipped with the latest generation of Epson. The ElvaJet PE 500 series fit perfectly Epson DX4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 printheads.
The ElvaJet PY 570 pigmented inks were specially conceived as an optimal solution for printers with Kyocera printhead. With this series of inks, Sensient is giving a concrete solution to a long time need of the users.

Both inks are available in cyan, magenta, yellow, gold yellow, black, red, violet and grey, and combine the well-known features of the ElvaJet range with a superior flow through the new head. The high colorant concentration opens the way to achieving broad color space. Extended testing has demonstrated excellent long-run printability. It also offers superior resistance to rub washing.

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