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Sun Chemical, DIC to Highlight Magnetic Tape and Screen Inks at Cartes America


Showcasing Sun Carte inks, portfolio of products for credit and laminated cards

Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, will showcase a full range of magnetic tape, offset inks, adhesives and varnishes for credit and laminated cards during 2014 Cartes America.
Visitors of booth 1933 will be introduced to technologies designed to optimize the manufacture of laminated plastic cards, such as DIC’s specialty magnetic tape and Sun Chemical’s SunCarte product line, including the new UV screen inks and UV plastic card inks.
Having supplied the financial sector globally with high quality magnetic tape for 40 years, DIC will showcase standard, color, and printed magnetic tape options which are aesthetically attractive with high durability and reliability. DIC’s magnetic tape exhibits excellent magnetic characteristics, including high resolution and low noise with precise wave form.
Sun Chemical’s SunCarte family of screen and offset inks, adhesives, and varnishes offer high bond strength and adherence to lamination while also providing consistent color reproduction. SunCarte can also be customized to deliver various metallic finishes. The line is easy to use and provides excellent adhesion to common plastics, helping printers meet the needs of the plastic card market.
The SunCarte product line includes new UV screen inks offering a variety of finishing options for use on plastic cards. SunCarte UVPC Opaque White ink was specially designed to work on colored PVC core material, while SunCarte UVPC-Clear ink can be used to provide pearl, silver, gold and special effect color finishes. UVPC-Clear also offers adhesive properties as the ultra-thin cured ink film minimizes the buildup profile.
SunCarte also includes an Offset UV Plastic Card ink series designed exclusively for use on plastic cards. Compatible with a wide range of plastics, SunCarte Offset UV Plastic Card inks offer high bond strength, excellent printability and heat resistant colors. The plastic card inks can also be used with the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program’s MX12 ink dispensers.
“For printers in this sector looking for high-quality output with low run waste, our SunCarte family of inks is an ideal solution,” said Brian Breidigan, vice president, product management, commercial, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “The new ink options we are introducing at Cartes America bring a new array of finishing possibilities to the plastic card market. Our solutions offer multiple customization options while still maintaining the high level of quality for which Sun Chemical is known. Combine this with DIC’s magnetic tape for financial cards, and customers gain extra value.”

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