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Sensient Announces Preliminary Results of Annual Meeting


Indicates that shareholders elected all of the company’s nine director nominees

Sensient Technologies Corporation announced that preliminary results from today’s Annual Meeting indicate that shareholders have elected all of the Company’s nine director nominees. The Sensient nominees who were elected are: Hank Brown; Edward H. Cichurski; Dr. Fergus M. Clydesdale; James A. D. Croft; William V. Hickey; Kenneth P. Manning; Paul Manning; Dr. Elaine R. Wedral; and Essie Whitelaw. Final results will be published as promptly as practicable.
“We thank Sensient shareholders for their strong support. We look forward to continuing to build on our momentum and delivering meaningful long-term value for all Sensient shareholders,” said Dr. Elaine R. Wedral, Sensient’s independent lead director.

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